2018 Double Barrel

Pinot Noir

Bottle of Lumos Double Barrel Pinot Noir
94 pts from the Prince of Pinot Report
92 pts from Wine & Spirits 
92 pts from Wine Enthusiast 

2017 produced so much amazing fruit that it allowed for an experiment in fermentation. Using whole clusters and dry ice to slow fermentation, the juices were largely trapped within the berries, still attached to the rakuses. Thus the buildup of alcohol, and temperature were slower and more gradual, because the yeast colonies were developing berry by berry or in pockets of juice, as opposed to in a large mass of juice as would occur in a destemmed fermentation. In theory there were thousands of micro-fermentations, happening individually in each berry.  

When it came time to blend our ‘17 Pinot Noirs we put together those two barrels to see how it tasted and liked the result so much that we bottled it as a distinct blend. Whether we are able to replicate this wine will depend year to year on our ability to set up a fermenter like this one, and how much we like the resulting barrels. It might never happen again, but we hope it does.

Lithe wild strawberry, rose hips, and
thimbleberry. Yielding tannins and gentle
acid offer every flavor vivid expression.
~ Boone McCoy-Crisp – Winemaker and Wordsmith

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